Rs. 59,000

Cycle Treadmill


Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan


The electric walking bike called Cycle Treadmill is a blend between an electric bike and a treadmill.
The bikes use a motor to assist the treadmill, so using the bikes takes ‘no more effort…than a walk in the park’.
The bikes can travel 50 to 70 kilometers on a charge and gears enables the users to change the pace. It can achieve speeds from 6 to 30 km/h getting where you need to go fast!
With growing importance of landmark conventions such as Kyoto protocol and World Summit has arisen the need to produce environmentally friendly products. It will reduce the greenhouse gas emission. As we want the world moving toward a cleaner future. We have been inspired by the idea of putting an end to the long queues of vehicles outside gas stations during the recent gas shortages. Pollution is one of the major concerns of the world right now. To eradicate any kind of pollution, this cycle treadmill can help us to make the environment clean.
Research shows that walking is good for your health. For your heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, cholesterol, bone, muscle, weight and memory. Walk half an hour on the cycle treadmill and it’s even good for your mood. An excellent reason to move! The cycle treadmill will provide low impact, high cardio exercise.
The cycle treadmill overcomes traffic and parking challenges in urban, college and tourist areas offering an excellent alternative transportation to cars. The cycle treadmill is less expensive than a vehicle to purchase, maintain and of course the fuel.
We wish that everyone can benefit from a greener and cleaner way of transportation that simultaneously improves your health.
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