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Bahrain Investor Visa


Office No. 03, 2nd Floor, Rehman Plaza, 4-Queens Road Lahore, Queens Road, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Welcome to Bahrain.

Welcome to the Gulf’s most liberal business environment , with the lowest taxes and operating costs and a refreshing lack of red tape. And, with everything from ancient souks to Saks Fifth Avenue, welcome to the best shopping.

Welcome to the Gulf’s most progressive and fastest growing financial centre and to a culture that can trace its roots back some 4,000 years. Welcome to the Gulf’s most skilled and educated workforce . A workforce that knows how to enjoy itself in Bahrain’s wealth of cafés and restaurants.

Welcome to the Gulf’s geographical hub. Bahrain’s airline, Gulf Air, offers more flights, more often to more regional destinations than any other. Though we trust you’ll be in no hurry to leave. In a country where the hospitality is legendary, you’ll always be welcomed with a friendly smile.

Welcome to Bahrain. Rated by an HSBC poll of expatriates in its top 5 countries with the best quality of life. (Nov. 25, 2009 )

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