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AutoCAD 2D/3D best training course in Karachi, heavily used industry program for CAS/CAD design, including drafting, modeling, architectural, drawing and engineering works. The AutoCAD course delivered in step-by-step approach to learn 2D/3D, starting with few basic tools to let students create and edit a simple drawing, and then gradually introducting more advanced tools and practices.

AutoCad 2D/3D course an ideal program for professional working in engineering, constructions, auto-mobile and many other electrical, mechanical and civil engineering fields.

AutoCAD Course outline
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Course Duration : 2 Months

Class Timing : 5 Days a Week

Total Fee: 9500/-

This course will suit people who are interested in developing computer aided drafting and design skill using AutoCAD. This course focuses on basic drawing techniques, so will suit users across a broad range of industries such as Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. in pk institute
Using computer software for architectural designing is quite common now. With the arrival of multipurpose softwares like AutoCAD, the Computer Aided Designing or CAD solutions have been put to use at a much wider scale. These services offer greater freedom of control over every aspect of the designing and planning of any architecture or building.

Earn a prestigious CBT AutoCAD Training and make your CV stand out.

This course is suitable for architects, engineers, designers, facilities planners, drafters, technicians, and those from other disciplines who will be primarily involved in editing drawings created by other people. After completing this course the student will be familiar with the basic concepts and techniques of 2D / 3D drawing & drafting. The course is 100% hands-on, with exercises to help the trainees practice the new skills they learn.

Course Outline Duration: 4 Weeks
Registration: Open

During this course you will learn following...
Getting Started
Starting a new drawing, The screen layout, Command Line & using the keyword, Opening an existing drawing

Basic Drawing and Editing
Drawing Lines, Rectangles & Circles, Erasing Objects, Drawing with Grid & Snap, Viewing your drawing

Drawing Precision
Using Object Snap

Changing Your Drawings
Selecting Objects for editing, Moving & Copying Objects, Rotating & Scaling Objects

Organizing Your Drawings
Creating New Drawings with Templates, What are Layers?, Lyer State, Changing an Object's Layer

Drawing Information
Measuring a Distance & Area, Information about Objects

More Object Types
Drawing Arcs & Polylines, Converting Polylines to Lines & Arcs, Converting Lines & to Polylines

Advanced Editing Commands
Using Trim,Extend,Fillet, Offsetting & Mirroring Objects

Adding,Formating & Editing Hatch Patterns, Adding & Editing Dimentions, Selecting a Dimension Style

2D Session
Various Home Map Concepts, Commercial Maps, Interior Designing of house, Multi Floor Plans, elevation of Plans, Section of House

3D Session
Change 2D Views Into 3D Isometric Views ,Convert 2D Object in to 3D

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