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Primavera P6 Professional 16.2 Training-03004068316-Islamabad


PHA Flats Zero Point, G7/1 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan


Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Release 16.2 Course Contents

System Configuration
1- Defining of EPS (Enterprise Project Structure)
2- Defining of OBS (Organization Breakdown Structure)
3- Defining of Calendars (Global-Resource-Project)
4- Defining of Currency & Activation of Currency
5- Defining of Units of Measure
6- Defining of Expense Category
7- Setting of Time units (Units Format-Duration Format)
8- Creation of New Project File.
1-Project Planning
Step A- Defining of WBS Codes (Work Breakdown Structure)
Step B-Defining of Project Activities
Step C- Entering of Required Estimated Duration for Completion of each Activity
Step D-Assignment of milestones
Step E-Assignment of Constraint
2-Project Scheduling
Step A- Linking of Project Activities according to their relationship (through different procedure)
Relationship Types
i) Start to Start ii) Start to Finish
iii) Finish to Start IV) Finish to Finish
Step B- Schedule Execution (F9 Function Key)
Step C-Modification and Deletion of Relationships
Step D- Analysis of Gantt Chart & Activity Network (PERT)
Step E- Understanding of Forward Pass and Backward Pass
Step F- Analysis of Critical & Non Critical Path
Step G- Analysis of Total Float, Free Float and Project Float
3-Cost Estimation (Budgeting)
Step A –Defining of Roles
Step B- Introduction to Enterprise Resource window
Step C- Defining of Resources with Rates
i) Manpower ii) Material iii) Machinery
Step C- Assign Resources to Project Activities
Step D- Assign Expenses to Project Activities
Step E- Cost Accounts
i) Defining of Cost Accounts
ii) Assignment of Cost Accounts
4-Activity Codes
Step A-Introduction to Activity Codes
Step B- Defining of activity codes
Step C- Assignment of Activity codes
Step D- Activation of Activity Codes
5- Filters
Step A- Introduction to Filters
Step B-Defining of Filters by
i) Date wise ii) WBS wise iii) Activity Codes wise
6- Global Change
Step A- Introduction to Global Change
Step B- How to Define Global Change
i) Defining of Global Change by Increase Cost
ii) Defining of Global Change by Decrease Cost
iii) Defining of Global Change by Increase Duration
iv) Defining of Global Change by Decrease Duration
v) Defining of Global Change by Resource Replacement
Step A- Defining of new layout for baseline Project
Step B- Defining of new columns for activities and resources
Step C- Defining of new bar
Step D-Table Font and Row
Step E- How to show bar chart legend
Step F- Timescale
8-Project Schedule & Budget Approval
Step A- Project statistical Data Presentation for Project Schedule & Budget Approval
Step B- Modification in Project Schedule and Budget according to Management Instructions
9-Baseline Setting
Step A- Introduction to Baseline
Step B-Maintain Baseline after Project Schedule and Budget Approval
Step C- Assign Baseline to Project (Primary Baseline & Secondary Baseline)
Step D- Restore Baseline
10- Project Execution and Recording of Progress
Step A- Project Progress Reports Routing Step
Step B- Update Activity without any delay
Step C- Update Activity with delay
Step D- Update Activity Physical
Step E- Update Resources without any variance
Step F- Update Resources with variance
Step G- Update Expense without variance
Step H- Update Expense with variance
Step I- Rescheduling Project Schedule

Institute of Computer & Business Techniques (ICBT)
G7/1 PHA Flats Zero Point Islamabad

Qaisar Abbas : +923004068316

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