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Office Automation Course in Rawalpindi


Al-Mustafa Plaza, 6th Rd, Block B, Satellite Town, Block D Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000, 6th Road, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan


Ms-Word, Word processing, Manual and electronic Word processing
1. Screen Layouts
a) Menus
b) Shortcut
c) Toolbars
d) Customization of Toolbars
e) Title Bar, Status Bar, Scroll
f) Bars and Rulers.
2. Working with files
a) Create, Open, Save, Rename and Close a document
b) Working on Multiple Documents.
c) Cut, Copy, Paste, Special Undo and Redo Operations
d) Find Replace and go to Commands
e) Text, Paragraph and Page Formatting
f) Header and Footer
g) Date and Time
h) Bullets and Numbering
i) Columns and Drop Caps
j) Tabs and Margins
k) Comments and Foot Notes
l) Insert a picture and its Formatting
m) Use of Spelling and Grammar Check , Auto Correct Synonyms Theasurus.
n) Page Break Section Break and Background Printing
o) Table of contents Glossary,
p) Hyperlink and Bookmark
q) Insert a Table, Add and
r) Delete Columns Rows and
s) Cells
t) Merge and Split Cells
u) Formula Implementations
3. Document Printing
a) Selection of a printer
b) Printing Setting
c) Print Preview
d) Print and Page Setup
e) Shortcut Keys
a) Basic Terminology of Ms- Excel
b) Creating Opening Renaming Saving and Closing Workbook/ Spread Sheet
c) Editing Functions: Undo, Redo. Fill, Auto Fill, Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, Find and Replace
d) Inserting: Header & Footer Cells Rows / Columns and Worksheet
e) Working with Formulas: Entering Formula with the help of Formula Bar Entering Formula.
f) Directly into the cells, sue of Arithmetic and Logical Formulas.
g) Use of Built- in functions Time and Date Concatenation, Sum if, Nested Max, Min.
h) Average, Count, Now, Month, Day, Year Upper , Lower, Left & Right.
i) Tools and Date: Spell Check, Auto Correction, Workbook protection Data Sorting and filtering
j) Formatting Cells and Text, Borders and Shading, Positioning Cells and Text, Auto Format,
k) Categories, of numbers, Cell / Range Referencing, Alignment, Date & Time Working With Charts, Creating Editing and Formatting of various types of Charts
l) Printing: Selecting Printer, Print selected areas page selection
m) Sorter View.

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