Rs. 2,000

Learn Complete WordPress in 20 Days


Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan


Duration: 30 Hours


Our WordPress training course has been designed to give you a complete

overview so you can work effectively fast. We take you from the basics to a

practical level, developing your skills and getting you to use them straight

away. If you can create a word document you can use wordpress.

Things you will do and skills you will gain by attending this course

- Learn to design a website effectively.

- Learn to upload, optimize and manage your website correctly

Course Outline:

1. Basic Web

Basic Concepts

Website & its types; Dynamic & Static
Blogs, Web, CMS.

FTP Softwares
Color Picker
Pixel Ruler
2. WordPress Introduction

What is WordPress?
How can WordPress help me?
How much does WordPress cost?
How/where do I get WordPress?
2.1 WordPress Installation


Reserving a domain name
Choosing web hosting
Installation on Server

Installing WordPress from scratch
Creating & Connecting Database
Changing your password
Installation on Local Host
Creating & Connecting DB
3. Getting Started

Overview of the Homepage

First Face of Dashboard.

A blog would be made, in default theme.

4. What is a post?

Your first post basics
Post; Details
Working with photos
Working with videos
Categories & slugs

5. What is a page?

Difference between post & page
Your first page
Pages; Details
Working with photos/videos

6. Media

7. Links


9. Themes

What is a theme?
Folder Strategy
Finding a great theme
Theme directories
Paid themes
Installing a theme, ways & techniques

10. Plugins

What are plugins?
Folder & File Strategy
Finding plugins
Plugin directory
Plugin search
Installing plugins – ways & techniques

11. Widgets

What is a sidebar?
What are sidebar widgets?
Choosing and installing sidebar widgets
i. Adding links
ii. Adding text and images
Header; how to make a beautiful header ?
i. Using theme features
ii. Using Static images
iii. GIF files
13. Footer; How to maintain Footer?

Using widgets
Static & gif images
14. Working with sliders

Working with Theme options
Using plugins
Dynamicity & possibilities\
15. Menus

Menus default options
Theme default options
Arranging multiple menus
16. Users

Add/edit users
User roles
How to delete users
What if user is mistakenly deleted
17. Tools

18. Settings

Flickr RSS
Changing & working with a new theme, this too would be a blog.

19. Themes; Advance Lecture

Finding a great related theme
Theme Options
Troubleshooting with theme options & wp default options
Artisteer; download, usage, tips & tricks
20. Plugins; Advance Lecture

Choosing a plugin
Do,s and don’t,s
Recommended plugin list for:
Photo galleries

22. WP in operation theater

Inspect Element
Location of files
Customizing website as required
A new website would be made using a premium theme

24. Posts

Backing up & restoration
Bulk post creation/deletion

26. Managing Users

Understanding user management
User Role management
Plugins used for managing users

29. WordPress Upgrades

How to upgrade WordPress
Advance Tips & Tricks
Generating RSS & Atom Feeds
Troubleshooting & finding support on internet

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