IELTS Preparations Classes with Former British Council Triner microtech institute in sialkot

  Sialkot, Pakistan

Skylark Building Katchary Road Sialkot, Civil Line, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan

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Course Objectives/ Outlines
Course Objectives - Outlines EXERCISE
Understand and use effective aural strategies to process spoken language.
Communicate orally in English for personal, social, and academic purposes.
Apply critical thinking skills in reading and writing.
Read and comprehend texts of varying length at basic/low intermediate level.
Develop knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.
Understand and use effective writing skills to express ideas/give information.
Learning Outcomes EXERCISE
By the end of this course students are expected to be able to do the following:-
Critical thinking skills:
Recognize personal attitudes and preferences
Evaluate and classify information in a text
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of things
Interpret cartoons, graphs, pictures, maps
Infer word meaning from context
Draw conclusions
Propose solutions
Distinguish between opinion and fact
Listening tasks:
Listen for main ideas and details
Interpret speaker’s tone and attitude
Relate listening to personal experience
Synthesize information from two listening texts
Listen and take notes on details using an outline/ chart
Compare and contrast information from two listening texts
Speaking tasks:
Express and defend opinions
Act out a conversation
Role- play different situations
Interview people on various topics
Recognize stress patterns of nouns and adjectives, numbers,
Reading tasks:
Read for main ideas
Scan for details
Make predictions
Relate personal experience to the text
Synthesize information from two texts
Summarize information in a text using (graphic organizer)
Writing tasks:
Compose a paragraph.
Compose a paragraph to describe something (person, place and object).
Form basic sentences with correct word order.
Combine simple sentences to make compound sentences.
Write complete sentences.
Use basic punctuation.
Spell common words.
Use basic lexis appropriately.
Distinguish between informal/formal register
Demonstrate knowledge of word definitions, synonyms, antonyms,
prefixes, association, dictionary work, appropriate usage
Recognize the simple present tense.
Recognize the present progressive tense.
Demonstrate understanding of the simple past tense.
Recognize the future tenses will and going to.
Use subject pronouns.
Identify basic parts of speech.
Use prepositions of place and time.
Use basic adjectives.
Use the simple past tense.
Use the simple present tense and present progressive tense.
Use the simple future tense.
Recognize articles
IELTS Classes Preparations by FORMER BRITISH COUNCIL TRAINER in Sialkot Punjab Pakistan in Microtech Institute Sialkot 7+ Bands

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