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Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist is a product resulting from the integration of the 5,000 – year old traditional Chinese Acupuncture medical technology. Through the stimulation of hand and ear acu-points by extra long magnetic wave, the product can improve micro-circulation of human body, accelerate the metabolism and enhance immunity to prevent various diseases. In addition, the product has the effect of mild heat massage to eliminate fatigue and promote blood circulation.

Ancient Chinese imperial medical records indicated that generations of medical practitioner have affirmed that 6 out of 12 meridians in the human body are connected to the ear and palm. It has been proven that by stimulating the ear and palm meridians, it is possible to detect your health condition. If there is any illness in the body, the corresponding meridian will have lower Electro-magnetic magnitude. A needle tingling sensation will be felt when TIENS-LIFE detects these changes. TIENS-LIFE is also able to correct these changes which can allow body to heal by itself.

Salient Features

1) Detecting Acupoints Location: The guidebook that comes with this device, helps you easily detect the correct position(s) of acupoint(s).

2) Promoting Blood Circulation: Magnetic waves to stimulate acupoints to promote blood circulation achieving the same as traditional acupuncture.

3) Magnetism Effect: Magnetic waves to magnetize body fluids and increase the body’s immunity against diseases.

4) Health Care: Enhanced immunity effectively prevents illness or diseases.

5) Dual Relieve Method: Be in the total control of your health. ’’Palm Acupoints’’ and the ‘’Ear Acupoints’’ can be affected in combination.

6) Easy to Operate: Device is suitable for the whole family as it is easy and safe to use.

7) Light and Portable: Take it with you where ever you go. Anytime! Anywhere!

8) LCD Display: LCD Display indicates frequency of the magnetic wave and duration adjustments of frequency and timing to suit individual preference.

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