Rs. 13,500

Narada 2v 600ah battery dry cell


PLOT # 1 Zaitoon Coly Main G.T Rd, Daroghawala, New Shalimar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


This heavy duty battery is ideal for use in conjunction with off-grid or on-grid hybrid solar PV installations. Lead carbon battery can handle deeper discharge much better than regular lead acid batteries and also perform better in partial state of charge situations so common with solar installations.

2V VRLA AGM sealed Lead Carbon
600 Ahr at C10 (10 hour discharge rate)
720 Ahr at C120 (120 hour discharge rate)
231mm long x 180mm wide by 408mm high
46kg with M8 threaded terminals
Cycle life 2400 at 80% depth of discharge (see table in images)

The Narada is a valve regulated sealed battery so does not require maintenance such as topping up with water, and it can be mounted in any position unlike flooded lead-acid

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