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Stun Gun: Model HY-6800 + LED Flashlight ZOOM 4 in 1 rechargeable.


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Power output: 12,000KV.

Price: Rs 2900.

Main Features:

Stun Gun HY-6800 Taser *POLICE* 50,000KV Professional

HY-6800 Taser Police 8500KV - is not just a shocker, but he is the most powerful flashlight with ZOOM!

3 lighting levels
1 stage continuous light (Super Light) two stage continuous light (weak) 3 stage flashing (Super Light)

This stun gun will protect you with up to 5 million volts (DEPENDING ON battery charge) strong lightning discharges. She makes attacker to Effectively and in a flash without leaving permanent injury to incapacitate him. The lightning discharges cause of electric shock in the neuromuscular system of the attacker.

By pressing the spring-loaded trigger put the devices into operation. Jump over high-voltage lightning discharges in between the two contact rails on the front edge of the lamp socket. The optically perceptible and Acoustically discharges have a deterrent effect and give the aggressor in touch strong surges.
This unit therefore Has A simple flashlight for the near surroundings on. However, de main function is CLEARLY the electric shock function. Frequent or prolonged use of the flashlight can be strong at the expense of battery life and impair the function of the shocker. The power supply is Ensured by at internal battery and does not need batteries. HOWEVER Hiebei is Important to Ensure did the battery will discharge Itself overtime. To extend the life and reduce the memory effect, it is Advisable to check about every 2-3 months the equipment and june only be discharged with the flashlight and then fully recharge the unit.

Note: The specified voltage in volts takes priority better penetration in thick garments eg. The effect on the body is not Significantly different from devices with lower voltage.

Effect of short electric shocks:
Letter electric shocks from a quarter of a second duration can already deterministic attacker to cause minor muscle contractions and.

Effective medium electric shocks:
An average service life of one to four seconds can bring to attacker to fall and cause disorientation.

Effect of long electric shocks:
A full use of five seconds duration can cause the attacker to any controlled movements is more Capable. Orientation and balance disorders can cause the opponent to fall and still sim him a few minutes later.

Note: Each electric shock of about one second duration june to bring opponent to fall and ran thus lead to fall injuries. Put our instruments in a emergency or for self-defense!

Dimensions 180 mm x 34 mm x 30 mm
Weight with packaging 350 g

Package Includes:
HY-6800 Taser Police 12,000KV
Cord for charging from mains 220V
Gift Wrapping

How to Properly charge Ashe:

1. First three times of 8 hours charging, all subsequent offer batch of 3 to 4 hours.
2. Online Do not keep more than 12 hours!
3. Avoid full discharge acc. battery!
WARNING! - Do not test the device while charging. This can lead to its breakage!

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