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Water, Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner


Lehtrar Road, Khanna Pull Islamabad, Khanna Pull, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan



It removes pesticides on fruit and vegetables and hormone residues in meat and seafood. 
It kills bacteria and keeps food longer
It sterilizes cutlery, milk bottles, towels and clothing.

Direction for use - just place the items in the water container and ozonize for 10-20 minutes, and:

It strengthens the body;
Wash your face, feet with ozonized water or bathe in it to keep away bacteria, viruses and fungi. It will also promote blood circulation and metabolism for better healthcare and skincare;
It purifies air: shut all doors and windows. Switch on the ozonizer and let it run for 30 minutes, then switch it off. Open the doors and windows for 15 minutes;
It removes unpleasant odours in the fridge;
It sterilizes the aquarium, increases its oxygen content and keeps the fish healthy.

Detail Description
This device is used to Purify Water: Sterilize bacteria, decompose organic substances & heavy metal ions & increase oxygen. Decontaminate Food: Decompose hormones in meat & all remaining pesticides on surface of fruits, vegetables. Refresh Air: Remove indoor smoke, toilet/kitchen smell, suspended air particles, fungi & decompose poisonous substances. Sterilize Utensils: Kill germs on knives, forks, bowls, and milk bottles. Skin disease treatment: In 1991, USFDA approved ozone for the recycling of poultry rinsing.

Water purification: Insert the vent of the machine into the water container and run for 5 to 15 minutes, then ozone water in different consistency is ready, which can be drunk directly (waiting for several minutes after turning it off) or used for disinfection and sterilization (the proportion of water and running time is 10kg/10min).
Disinfection for instant food: Immerse the food into water inside the container and cover up, then induce ozone for 5 to 15 minutes, you can enjoy food with ease.

Disinfection for Fruits and Vegetables: Dip the fruits and vegetables into water inside the container, place the vents in the bottom of water, and operate the machine for 5 to 10 minutes. The effect is that residual pesticide, fertilizer and other poisonous materials will be removed. Operate the machine for 20 to 30 minutes; 5 to 10 kg of fruit or vegetable may be treated.

Keeping fresh of eggs, meat and Fish: Place eggs, meat or prawns in water and induce ozone for about 15 minutes, the bacteria and other germs will be killed. Moreover, the residual hormone, antibiotics and fungus will also be removed to make the meat fresher, and its fresh duration can be prolonged to 2 or 3 times as it used to be.

Treatment of crusted rice: If the rice has been kept too long, odour will increase and virus and bacterial will propagate. Immerse the rice in water inside container and operate the machine for about 10 minutes before eating.
The mildew smell, residue pesticide and fertilizer will be effectively removed to give the freshness of the rice.

Keeping the rice or Soybean: Put the vent into the receptacle containing rice or soybean, and run for about 10 minutes. To avoid the breeding of worms, mould etc. and prolong its fresh insurance.

Cleansing of Shells and Sea Food: Insert the vent into the container in which shells or other seafood are stored, operate the machine for 15 minutes, and the hepatitis virus will be killed. Besides, the expelling of sand by shells will also be improved. 

Disinfections for daily and baby necessities: Place the washed daily living and baby necessities such as toothbrush, towel, feeder, toys etc. in a container or in water, and provide active oxygen for 5 to 15 minutes. Some infective germs such as Coli bacillus, Staphylococcus etc. will be killed effectively to provide against possible diseases.

Cleansing oral cavity: Brushing teeth or gargling with the treated water can prevent cavity disease such as halitosis, gingivitis. Suffering from Toothache or sore throat, you can get rid of these uncomfortable symptoms easily and quickly by keeping ozone water in mouth.

Personal Hygiene: Wash hands with ozone water before meal, after bowel movement.

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