Rs. 28,999

Portable Air Conditioner - Energy-Saver - White "Pyramid Tent"


Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Revolutionary Australian energy-saving technology. See details.
Save up to 85% on power costs by creating a comfortable micro-climate around you. Pay only Rs 1000 – 1500 a month for electricity.
Room air conditioners waste 90% of more of the cooling power on walls, floors, furniture, Close Comfort uses only 320 Watts, less than four light bulbs.
It’s affordable, good for ecology, economy and the environment.
Soft, focused cool air for comfort
Close Comfort provides a soft focused flow of cool air to provide personal comfort and is almost silent. It works best with doors and windows open and fresh air for personal well-being.
Close Comfort works in any size of room, even outside in sheltered places.
Close Comfort is portable and ready to use out of the box: just connect it to the nearest power outlet. Only 17 kg, it requires no installation, no water tank, and no pipe to the window.
Minimal maintenance: just check the filters every two weeks. No consumables, no water, no ice, no recharging.
1.2 kVA sine-wave UPS recommended, 120 Amp-hour battery set.
Cooling Power
Rated cooling power is 0.25 ton, 2500-3500 BTU/hour. This air conditioner provides localized cooling where it is needed.
Normal room air conditioners provide more cooling power, and can cool a whole room, but require 4-8 times as much electricity to run. Beware of the electricity cost which will be much higher

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