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U.S also need to learn from its mistakes?

Sixteen Years after the horrific 9/11 attacks which changed the world forever a new World Trade Centre stands tall thought it is not quite finished. Looking at this new magnificent building one would be reminded of the thousands of lives lost on the fatal morning of 11th September 2001. However forgetting millions of innocent lives lost owing to the collateral damage cause by the US interventions in some parts of the world is unfair.

During the past sixteen years US policy to Invade Afghanistan has been subject to tremendous criticism for being flawed. The Flawed US-Afghan policy now spearheaded by President Trump seems to be heading in a new direction of deepening regional tensions. President Trump just like Obama wants the US troops to remain in Afghanistan not for very long however he has announced the deployment of additional troops. US despite its efforts of pulling its forces out of Afghanistan today seems trapped in the Afghan quagmire. US has drained many of its resources by trying to retain its presence in Afghanistan a land which no one could conquer and sustain its conquest all the way back to Alexander the Great.
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Published: 2 years ago
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